Panoramic SPA

A place where you can rediscover energy and vigour for both the body and mind, a place where you can replenish your sight, bones, muscles and soul. Here well-being is an experience that completely envelopes you, starting from your eyes, that can enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the lake and the gardens, then reaching your entire body when you experience the pleasure of true relaxation whilst moving from the Jacuzzi to the heat of the sauna. The benefits of a Scottish shower, an emotional shower and even a salt shower are also not to be ignored.
At the Panoramic Spa you can request well-being treatment and personalised fitness, either as a one-off or for multiple days, so that your stay can become an energising and healthy experience.
Before leaving the Spa treatment, spend a few minutes in the relaxation area, to pamper yourself with warm drinks, or leave to the terrace to sip a drink under the sky at the Sky Bar. I bet you feel great now!

Water, steam and salt. Improve your well-being thanks to our innovative use of nature’s most simple elements.


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