High-quality products, Piedmont traditional secrets and attention to taste and modern needs: these are the ingredients in our kitchen, with special flavours and recipes created for our guests by Chef Enrico Varalli. In his hands, fresh and light raw ingredients seamlessly blend together with intense flavours of local cheeses and, thanks to his knowledge of ingredients and his creativity, transform into dishes that are appreciated even by the most demanding palates from all around the world.
A famous saying goes: “Rice is born in water and dies in wine”. Here you will always find a rice dish, artfully prepared and served with the piedmont wine that can best accompany it. This is the rich nature of our land and it is for this reason that we honour it in our menu.
And don’t forget to finish the meal with one of our desserts: the choice is vast but whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Traditional flavours and smells are at the core of unique recipes.


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