Beach Club

Swimming in an infinity pool admiring the waters and the shores of the lake: a rare and cherished pleasure that should not be missed during your stay. From the pool you will feel like you are touching the waters of the lake, with the Borromean Islands always present in front of you. Try and you will have a beautiful memory to take home.
The new pool is characterized by an innovative design, which includes a main pool and a smaller one reserved for children, for a total length of about 22m. Small peninsulas creep into the larger pool where you can relax in the sun on comfortable giant cushions. There will also be two different hydromassage stations, one equipped with comfortable chaise longue for those who love to lie down completely in the water and to be lulled by its bubbles and the other with a spacious bench for those who prefer to stay seated to enjoy the massage.
On the top floor you will find the swimming pool brand new lounge bar, where you can refresh yourself with soft drinks or cocktails at any time of the day.

Our new lakefront swimming pool is now available to our clients. Do not miss the completely revisited design, the hydromassage stations, the comfort of the furnishings and the lounge bar on the upper level.


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