Sky bar

You have spent the day out in the open air and now you have returned to the hotel. There is still some beautiful sunlight and an evening air that tempts you into staying outdoors. We know this feeling all too well and we also know that our Sky Bar is the ideal place to fully enjoy this time of the day. So, go up to the top floor and taste an aperitivo on the terrace, accompanied by the sights and sounds of Lake Maggiore. Good music, great conversation, an excellent cocktail and an unforgettable view: these are some of the luxuries that such an exclusive location will offer you.

The Sky Bar, open Monday - Thursday from 12:30 to 23:30 and Friday - Sunday to 0:30, is even available for private events. In case of overcrowding or bad weather, management reserves the right to temporarily close the bar to the public.
Reservations are not accepted unless associated with the food service. From a minimum of 8 people, it is possible to make advance reservations for brunch, reinforced aperitifs and dinatoire cocktails, thus ensuring that you have a reserved space and a dedicated buffet.

Under the shifting light of the sun, the enchanting colours of the lake reveal their magic.


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