The health and safety of our hotel guests and employees is at the top of our list of priorities and has always been a key point for us in terms of social responsibility.

In recent years, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered our way of life and has led us to question many of our daily procedures, with the aim of defining our own new standard of normality, in full compliance with regional and national safety protocols.

Indeed, we are convinced that, with everyone’s cooperation, we will be able to ensure that our guests can continue to spend peaceful, relaxing and totally safe days with us.

What certification do I need in order to access the Hotel and its facilities?

No certification is required to enter the Hotel, or to access the terrace of our Sky Bar.

What are the restrictions on access to Italy for foreign citizens?

Access to Italy for foreign citizens is permitted according to the procedures defined by the Ministry of Health.

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What are the main prevention measures currently being taken at the hotel?

– Access to the facility, in the event of large crowds, may be restricted and regulated by our staff;

– Body temperature can be monitored, preventing access if the temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees;

– Stations with hand cleansers have been set up at the entrance to the facility and in each common area;

– In your room within your courtesy kit you will also find sanitising products that you can carry with you at all times;

– Access to the SPA is only possible by reservation and we cannot guarantee its availability;

– The menus and main information about the facility and the service can be consulted online from your mobile phone via QR Code;

– Frequent sanitisation of contact points is provided and cleaning services have been stepped up (at least twice a day in common areas);

– Natural ventilation is ensured several times a day in the common areas.

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