Resting in your room

You never stop feeling good

Whether you choose one of our Suites, a Superior or Classic room, your rest and relaxation will always be guaranteed. This is because every detail has been designed to provide you with comfort and happiness and because even the nature that surrounds the hotel assists us in this.

From the breathtaking view of the lake or mountains to the scents that enter the room as soon as the windows are opened, from the sounds of the water to the lighting in the room, from the super soft sponges to all the technology available, all of it is designed to make you feel relaxed at every point in the day.

So, reward yourself with some intense and activity-full days and your room will see to helping you regain your strength.

"Your room is the place to rest. It will undoubtedly help you to relax and to wake with a smile on your face."

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