Fitness Area

The beauty of keeping your shape while feasting your eyes

Well-being does not only mean relaxation, pampering and massages. Well-being can also be aerobic activities, muscle strengthening and toning. The staff in our fitness centre know this very well, as they provide machines with cutting-edge technology and their certified experience to all guests, so that they can make your muscles work to the best of their abilities.

You can choose to square off with the treadmill, exercise bike or other next-generation Technogym machines whilst watching TV or browsing the internet, listening to your favourite music, staying connected with your social networks or even completely detaching your mind and losing yourself in the stunning view.

Your gym too most likely offers similar cutting-edge technology, but we are sure it doesn’t offer you this view!

Opening hours

Every day from 7:00 to 21:00

"Technology and nature become your personal trainers and will encourage you to exercise."
Fitness room hotel Lago Maggiore

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