Cracking Art Stresa

Continuing its gradual renovation that began in 2011, this year, Hotel La Palma made a further major investment involving the complete reconstruction of the lake front pool. For this reason, we thought it would be nice to do something special for the 2018 season: #CrackingArtStresa

We approached Cracking Art because we discerned a parallel between our positioning and the philosophy of this artistic movement that has now become historic.Just as their art, in an extremely constructive way, deals with the paradox of contemporary civilization, torn between the natural purity of the origins and an increasingly artificial future, likewise our enterprise has evolved significantly, choosing a contemporary approach and style in an otherwise historic town such as Stresa, characterized by a belle époque style, without forgetting the enhancement of the original natural context in which it is immersed, whose beauty continues to offer the town the possibility of existing and investing in the future.

We want the same values ​​that stimulate and inspire the works of Cracking Art, in particular their environmental commitment and social commitment, to be the focus of our work.

From an environmental standpoint, we are indeed engaged on several fronts: ranging from the achievement of the standards that allowed us to obtain the EMAS certification, to last year’s installation of recharging stations for electric cars, to an important project for the construction of new hotel facilities with architectural choices aimed at minimizing visual and environmental impact, including the simultaneous restoration of two villas, now in a state of decay, adjacent to Hotel La Palma.

From the social standpoint, we have chosen to involve the Municipality of Stresa in the installation by offering some works free of charge to be included in the town environment so as to enhance the territory and its beauty as a whole on the one hand, and raise the awareness of the entire community on the other.

Concurrently with the installation, Hotel La Palma will also be supporting the project “L’Arte Rigenera l’Arte” (art regenerates art). This initiative is based on the belief that the contemporary art of Cracking Art should also be a vehicle for promoting concrete actions in support of artistic and cultural heritage, as well as dissemination of knowledge.
In fact, at Hotel La Palma you will find 50 mini sculptures for sale for charity purposes. The revenues will be donated to the association Hospes, whose ongoing commitment allows Istituto Alberghiero Maggia (hotel management school) in Stresa to continue to play an important educational role in a context that is becoming increasingly challenging in terms of facilities.

All you have to do now is discover the works of this silent invasion!#CrackingArtStresa

From 25 June to 25 August at Hotel La Palma, Stresa (VB).

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