Trip to the Borromean islands

In the heart of Lake Maggiore

A nature and art paradise that rises up opposite Stresa: three islands home to buildings and gardens that emerge from the water, surrounded by mountains. Once inhabited by fishermen, these islands became home to the nobility of the 17th and 18th centuries, and today everyone can admire them. Isola Bella, with its garden and Baroque charm, Isola Madre with its blooming flora and Isola dei Pescatori, the smallest island and the only one to be inhabited all year round.
During a walk, you can admire the Medieval Rocca di Angera that rises majestically from a rock spur and dominates the Southern side of the lake. The Rocca is surrounded by a beautiful garden, rich in symbolic meaning, brought to fruition following careful studies of codices, historic documents and images on illuminated manuscripts. A dive into the past, into its marvels and treasures.

To learn more visit the Terre Borromeo website.

"No landscape painter has ever visited the lake and not either sketched it for an album or made it the subject of a painting"

(Ceretti, Intra 1925).
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