Visit to Villa Pallavicino

On leaving the city of Stresa to the South, 5 minutes walk from the centre, you will be launched into another age and world, one of fantastic animals and incredible flowers. You will be in the Villa Pallavicino zoo, a magnificent nineteenth century villa that extends from the hill to the lake and was transformed into a zoo in 1956. 160,000 m2 of fields and forests with century-old trees to walk through among hundreds of different flowers, exotic plants, llamas and roe and fallow deer that roam freely along with, peacocks, wildebeest, kangaroos and zebras. It is a dream come true for children and for adults alike!
Whilst in the park you may also stumble upon the precious statues that enrich and decorate the garden

A magical walk, amidst exotic plants and animals that roam free, right in front of your eyes.


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