Discovering The Rocca d’Angera

Art and history on Lake Maggiore

On a spur of rock overlooking the Southern shore of the Lago Maggiore towers the magnificent Rocca, a castle once belonging to the Visconti family and today the Borromeo family. Upon entering, you will be greeted by the majestic, historic rooms that are now home to an extraordinary collection of Maiolica (Italian tin-glazed pottery). You may pass through the five different buildings in the castle, admiring the paintings and furniture in the different rooms: Sala del Buon Romano (Hall of the Good Roman), della Mitologia (of Mythology), delle Cerimonie (of Ceremonies), di San Carlo (of San Carlo), dei Fasti Borromeo (of Borromeo’s Pomp). You can also visit the Museum of Dolls and Toys, the biggest in Europe! You can then exit into the open air and take a stroll through the medieval gardens, rich in symbolic meaning where, according to the sages of ancient times, “medicinal plants live alongside ornamental ones, nurtured according to precise rules and order, so as to recreate the idea of a lost paradise on Earth”.

To learn more or to purchase admission tickets see the Rocca di Angera website.

"Rock and Maiolica, historic rooms and dolls: here opposites come together to create wonder. "

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